Fact Checking in Sports Writing: Call In Cow Herd Error?

Truth Checking in Sports activities Writing: Name In Cow Herd Error?

Apologies upfront if I misspelled Name In Cow Herd’s identify. I used to be dashing to beat others to press and did not have time to truth examine his identify or, for that matter, whether or not Name In really said that Dwayne Haskins cannot win an excellent bowl — as reported by Victoria Moorwood of the Cincinnati Enquirer: https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports activities/2023/08/08/colin-cowherd-says-dw…). I acknowledge it is human to error, however man, I hate seeing a deceased individual’s identify discredited on account of what I contemplate poor truth checking / proofreading. Hopefully, I’m not responsible of the identical, however I simply did not have the time.

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