5 Major Air Disasters That Were Easily Preventable

5 Main Air Disasters That Had been Simply Preventable


  • The Tenerife Catastrophe in 1977 taught the aviation trade in regards to the significance of correct radio communication practices to stop accidents.
  • The American Airways Flight 965 incident in 1995 highlighted the risks of pilots relying too closely on automation programs and never having the ability to reply successfully when issues go flawed.
  • The Delta Air Strains Flight 191 crash in 1985 demonstrated the significance of pilots making the proper choice on the proper time, as a delayed choice to abort the touchdown resulted in a tragic accident.



Aviation immediately is the most secure mode of transport, due to the technological developments and enhanced security programs accessible onboard trendy plane. Nevertheless, it’s value noting that a number of of those developments have been developed as a response to accidents and incidents that occurred previously.

Whereas each accident taught the aviation trade precious classes, many of those unlucky disasters might have been simply preventable, resembling:

1 Tenerife Catastrophe (1977)

Referred to as the worst catastrophe within the historical past of aviation, the crash of the 2 Boeing 747 plane is a significant accident which, if something, taught us in regards to the significance of correct radio communication practices. It occurred in Tenerife, Canary Islands, involving KLM Flight 4805 and Pan Am Flight 1736.

The KLM 747 was at one finish of the airport’s single runway, awaiting take-off clearance, whereas the Pan Am 747 was taxiing down the identical runway in direction of the KLM plane. Resulting from decreased visibility climate situations and unmarked taxiways, the Pan Am plane missed the taxiway it was cleared to make use of to vacate the runway.

Pan Am 747

Presently, the KLM pilots obtained directions on the flight path to comply with after taking off. Nevertheless, the pilots mistook the route clearance for take-off clearance and commenced rolling down the runway.

Whereas the Pan Am crew alerted that they have been nonetheless on the runway, there was extreme radio interference resulting from a number of customers keying the radio. Sadly, resulting from poor climate situations, the flight crew of each plane solely seen one another when 700m away, by which level it was too late. 583 casualties have been recorded, and solely 61 individuals survived.

2 American Airways Flight 965 (1995)

This accident is a primary instance of pilots being too reliant on automation programs that when issues go flawed, the crew can get a bit disorientated. On this incident, an American Airways Boeing 757 flying from Miami, Florida, to Cali, Colombia, crashed into the mountain peaks near Cali.

The reason for the crash contains communication misunderstandings between the pilots and the ATC and incorrect information entry into the plane’s Flight Administration System (FMS), which finally disorientated the flight crew when flying over the Andes mountain vary.

American Airlines Boeing 757-200 flying

Picture: Vincenzo Tempo | Easy Flying

Whereas the flight crew was attempting to repair their information entry within the FMS, the GPWS alerted the plane’s proximity to the terrain. Nevertheless, for the reason that velocity breaks have been already prolonged in anticipation of touchdown, the pull-up response from the flight crew was not sufficient for the plane to climb, thus crashing into the mountains. Other than 4, the remaining 163 onboard have been killed.

Such accidents are termed Managed Flight Into Terrain (CFIT). A typical lesson taught to all pilots is it doesn’t matter what goes flawed, fly the plane first. First, fly, then navigate, and eventually, if the state of affairs permits, talk.

3 Delta Air Strains Flight 191 (1985)

This accident during which a Delta Air Strains Lockheed L-1011 TriStar crashed close to Dallas Fort Value Worldwide Airport (DFW), is an easy case of the pilot deciding to make the riskier of the 2 choices. Flight 191, when on a brief last to land, was experiencing wet situations, and the First Officer seen lightning within the cloud instantly forward of the plane.

Delta Air Lines Lockheed TriStar

Nevertheless, the plane proceeded to enter the cloud at 1,000 ft above floor stage and sadly obtained caught in a microburst which despatched the plane plummeting to the bottom. Whereas the captain tried to carry out a go-around, it was too late, and the plane crashed, killing 134 onboard. This might have been averted if the pilots determined to abort the touchdown a bit of bit earlier.

4 Japan Airways Flight 123 (1985)

In lots of instances, the reason for the accident will be traced to one thing latest to the incident. Nevertheless, that is an instance of an accident attributable to actions taken seven years previous to it.

It turned out that an improper upkeep job on the plane’s horizontal stabilizers after a tail strike seven years previous to the accident was the primary reason behind the plane crashing in 1985. An explosive decompression triggered by the improper upkeep work resulted in pilots dropping management of the plane rudder, and ultimately, the Japan Airways 747 crashed, killing 520 out of 524 onboard.

Typically instances when discussing the chain of occasions resulting in an accident, the swiss-cheese-model is used to conceptualize each side.

5 Helios Airways Flight 522 (2005)

This tragic accident of Helios Airways teaches us the significance of listening to the smallest of particulars and guarantee thorough follow-through of checklists.

Helios Boeing 737

This incident was attributable to an engineer failing to comply with the guidelines whereas testing the pressurization system and leaving the system in guide pressurization mode, adopted by the pilots failing to note this error whereas performing their very own pre-flight guidelines.

The pilots, unaware of this problem, departed, and because the plane ascended, the cabin didn’t pressurize, which resulted within the pilots and passengers affected by hypoxia and passing out, which left the Boeing 737-300 flying in autopilot till it ran out of gasoline and crashed.

The lesson to be realized is that, regardless of how acquainted the engineers/pilots are with the guidelines, it’s crucial to concentrate and carry out every step with utmost consideration.

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