Tweets from the accounts of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and the National Park Service.

PARKS, Half 1: Social media gone ‘wild’

“To keep away from crowds, go to areas which are much less crowded.” These comically apparent clever phrases come from the Twitter account — ahem, X account — of the Nationwide Park Service, who has been hitting it out of the park recently (get it?) with its social media content material and reaping viral rewards. Who’s behind this materials? And why has a greater than hundred 12 months previous authorities company chosen to let its hair down on social media?

Amory and Ben speak to the Nationwide Park Service’s lone social media ranger, Matt Turner, and to Sarah Southerland from the Oklahoma Division of Wildlife Conservation, whose delightfully outrageous social media presence has captured the hearts and humorous bones of a whole bunch of hundreds of individuals.

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  • Nationwide Park Service on X (previously referred to as Twitter) and Instagram
  • Oklahoma Division of Wildlife Dialog on X, TikTok and Instagram

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Full Transcript:

This content material was initially created for audio. The transcript has been edited from our unique script for readability. Heads up that some components (i.e. music, sound results, tone) are more durable to translate to textual content.

Ben Brock Johnson: A programming observe: This episode was written and recorded earlier than Twitter turned… X. However hey, it’s nonetheless the chicken app in our HEARTS, in order that’s what we’re stickin’ with for this one. OK, get pleasure from!


Amory Sivertson: Enable us, for a second, to impart some free knowledge on you. “Most squirrel bites originate on the entrance, or ‘bitey finish’ of the squirrel.

Ben: Not improper! This is one other: “At all times hike with correct provides and gear. Keep in mind flippy floppies could result in slippy sloppies.

Amory: Oh man I hate these slippy sloppies. OK, how about this: “It is OK in case you collapse typically. S’mores collapse, and we nonetheless love them.

Ben: Rattling, proper to the core!

Amory: Proper to the S’MORE.

Ben: Alright, let’s do onnnnne extra..

Matt Turner: “To keep away from crowds, go to areas which are much less crowded.


Amory: THAT was the wizard himself — the architect of those clever phrases, posted from the Twitter account… of a authorities company.

Ben: A authorities company that is not afraid to get just a little WILD with its social media posts.

Amory: Actually, you may say this type of youthful humor is in its NATURE…

Ben: …Even supposing the company itself is greater than 100 years previous.

Amory: We’re talkin’ about… the Nationwide Park Service. PARKS Service?

Matt: It is simply park. However, uh, we have now a lot of parks although.


Ben: I am Ben Brock Johnson.

Amory: I am Amory Sivertson, and also you’re listening to Countless Thread.

Ben: We’re coming to you from WBUR, Boston’s NPR station. And at this time, we’re kicking off a sequence about… PARKS. Particularly, how the extremely on-line world is impacting the extremely offline world — the pure, wild, huge open areas. And, in some instances, making them extra accessible, academic, and simply downright fulfilling.

Amory: We’re beginning this sequence the place the concept for it first took root — doom-scrolling on social media solely to seek out… not DOOM. However JOY! And a surprisingly witty humorousness coming from the Nationwide Park Service that has helped it attain hundreds of thousands extra folks in the previous couple of years… by assembly them the place they are: on-line.

Ben: We’re amongst these hundreds of thousands, in fact. And we have been curious: What’s the pondering behind this newfound humorous method? How does the Nationwide Park Service social media sausage get made, and WHO, precisely, is making that sausage…


Matt: I am Matt Turner. I am a social media specialist with the Nationwide Park Service, and I work within the workplace of communications based mostly in Washington, D.C.

Amory: Matt began working for the Nationwide Park Service — or NPS — contemporary out of faculty. Handing out brochures in a historic park in Georgia.

Ben: What’s your transfer to get, guarantee that folks truly take the pamphlet you are making an attempt to provide them.

Matt: Um, actually simply, uh, inform ’em it is free.

Ben: Free! It is free! I swear it is free!

Amory: Parking isn’t, however the brochure is.

Ben: After brochure passing, Matt turned a ranger. He obtained the cool uniform with the flat hat that pairs properly with a woodsy beard just like the one Matt dons at this time. However he additionally obtained to start out experimenting on social media.

Matt: It is sort of a collateral obligation doing social media. You understand, after you have given a tour or you already know, you are working the desk, perhaps you are gonna snap an image of that chicken that flew by and tweet that or, in between, you already know, giving a, a home tour at, uh, you already know, Harry Truman’s home in Missouri. I might, uh, go to his basement and begin, uh, doing Fb posts and something I may do.

Amory: This shocked me proper off the bat. The concept social media could be baked into the duties of a PARK ranger? It feels just a little… oxymoronic, in some way. However for Matt, this was an opportunity to dabble along with his social media “voice.” Particularly as a result of he was principally posting to the accounts for particular person parks, not from the primary NPS accounts. It was safer to strive issues out.

Matt: I sort of introduced much more of the. The humor and making an attempt to instill some persona and pull again that curtain just a little bit extra.

Ben: Matt was a pure, and his colleagues took discover. In 2018, he traded in his park ranger uniform for the keys to the Nationwide Park Service social media fort. The voice of NPS on social media was now Matt’s voice. Or WAS it…?

Matt: It relies upon in case you prefer it or not. I feel most likely a few of it’s my persona, but in addition I feel a part of it’s simply the park service over all these years has developed that sort of outdoorsy, household pleasant, we all know a very good dad joke or a pun. I feel that may be very our aesthetic.

Amory: Like this tweet from again in Could, that includes an image of a banana slug munching on a leaf, and the caption: “Leaf. It is what’s for dinner.

Ben: After which there’s Matt’s tackle an previous TLC hit: “Don’t go chasing waterfalls… cautiously method and watch out of slippery circumstances. Actually, it’s possible you’ll simply need to follow the rivers and lakes that you simply’re used to.

Matt: We’re not gonna be too edgy or too, you already know, far on the market. We’re not right here to roast folks, you already know, we simply need to maintain it, uh, actually a enjoyable and welcoming place, uh, for folks to get pleasure from. And I feel, uh we have sort of hopefully, uh, hit that.

Amory: Matt’s being modest right here. He is greater than doubled NPS’ Twitter following. He is grown the Instagram following by a whopping 3-4 million folks. His social media posts get tens of hundreds — typically HUNDREDS of hundreds — of likes and feedback, retweets and shares. Actually, I began seeing NPS’ social media content material NOT as a result of I used to be following them, however as a result of so many individuals have been reposting Matt’s materials.

Matt: You by no means know what’s gonna go sort of viral on social media. So some issues get picked up and abruptly individuals are like, you already know, is the Nationwide Park Service humorous? Or, who permitted that? Or, you already know, what is going on on?

Ben: Sure, what IS occurring? Why has this authorities company chosen to let its hair down on social media?

Amory: The reply… is as previous because the media business itself. In case you have one thing necessary you want folks to listen to, you have gotta hook ’em first!

Matt: That is what we sort of attempt to do with all of our posts, is to get folks’s consideration, get them to learn and get that info.

Ben: If Matt can get folks’s consideration with a publish like “Do not pet the fluffy cows” with just a little bison emoji, mayyyyyybe they will begin studying the remainder of the thread the place he shares ACTUAL suggestions for having fun with wildlife safely.

Matt: You understand, we do not need to be this large authorities company saying, you already know, “Do not try this and do not pet that and do not decide that up.” And, um, we’re gonna say that. But when we will try this in just a little bit extra significant or a nudging manner, I feel folks will admire that. And, and hopefully after they get to a park, they will do not forget that, you already know, “Hey, the Park Service made me chuckle about that, they usually made a very good level. So I am not gonna get too near this edge right here.”

Ben: One other hook that tends to work for Matt? BEAR CONTENT. Like this publish: “Hike in teams. Bears prefer to have choices.

Amory: Or this one…

M: “In the event you come throughout a bear, by no means push a slower good friend down, even in case you really feel the friendship is run its course.” And that was the one that basically took off. Folks like thought it was humorous. Folks thought we have been advocating for homicide. Folks thought we have been saving friendships.

Ben: Now, there isn’t any “I” in staff, and there isn’t any “I” in Matt Turner, both. Even supposing he, alone, is the particular person behind the Nationwide Park Service’s official social media content material…

Matt: We wished to start out placing out extra wildlife security tweets and knowledge. So we, you already know, drafted up some concepts…

Ben: He additionally does not take credit score for the upping of the social media recreation some folks have observed for OTHER federal companies, like NASA, TSA, and US Fish and Wildlife.

Ben: Do you guys all have like a secret coin that you simply all get to have or something like that? Is there any secret badge? Secret, I do not know, pair of shorts that everyone will get?

Matt: No, it is a secret. It is a secret. So…

Ben: Oh man!

Amory: However it’s not simply the federal companies who’re having enjoyable on social media. Arising, we take a digital journey down south and meet one other social media sausage-maker who, you may say, has gotten even WILDER.

Sarah Southerland: We prefer to brag, we’re probably the most bio various states in the entire nation. You will discover elk and alligator.

Ben: The place can you discover elk AND alligator? You will discover out, in a minute…


Sarah: Hello, I am Sarah Southerland and I am the, pffft. LOL, beginning over.


A: Sarah Southerland does not take herself too significantly. You understand what she does take significantly? HYDRATION. Particularly the place she lives.

Sarah: Like, it is 113 levels, I feel, at this time in western Oklahoma.

Amory: Oh my god.

Ben: (sings) Ooooooooooklahoma. The place the winters will be within the unfavourable levels and the summers will be within the low a whole bunch. Which is why, on a current hot-as-blazes day, Sarah took to her employer’s Twitter account…

Sarah: I work for the Oklahoma Division of Wildlife Conservation.

Ben: …and typed…

Amory: “In the event you’re open air in these temperatures, it’s essential be primarily ingesting water, not Purple Bull, not ice espresso, not that purple stuff throughout TikTok, WATER,” with the little claps between every letter. And, uh, I consider you’ve got a Food plan Coke subsequent to you proper now, Sarah, is that this true?

Sarah: No, do not name me out! Sure.

Ben: It is particularly ironic that Sarah could be ingesting something BUT water proper now due to the greater than 100,000 likes she obtained on that Tweet.

Sarah: I concentrate on our social media presence and I function our social media coordinator.

Amory: This tweet additionally obtained HUNDREDS of replies, and Sarah responded with the sort of witty one-liners she’s change into identified for within the final 12 months or so by the Oklahoma Division of Wildlife Conservation’s greater than 200,000 Twitter followers.

Amory: “Is scorching espresso acceptable?” The response is, “Why would you try this to your physique?

Sarah: That is simply one thing I really feel. Like, I do not…

Amory: Or this one…

Sarah: Anyone stated, “Glowing or nonetheless?,” like glowing water or nonetheless water, and we stated “This is not Europe.” 

Ben: Nope, this ISN’T Europe. It is (sings) Oooooooooklahoma. The place the badgers come prancing down the pastures. And that’s only the start!

Amory: There are gators, there are snakes of each selection, there are hundred pound fish. I imply, it feels just like the Australia of the US.

Sarah: I have been saying that!

Amory: And Sarah’s been saying it to a LARGE viewers. On Twitter, on the Oklahoma Division of Wildlife Conservation, or ODWC’s Instagram and Fb, and a VERY standard TikTok account that is simply crossed 1 / 4 of one million followers.

[From THIS TikTok video] Sarah: I’m about to point out you a photograph of a really gnarly wanting spider. In case your little child eyes can’t take it, then that is your time to start out scrolling. Alright, 1, 2, 3, ahhhhhh! (audio fades beneath)

Ben: However Twitter is the place we first came upon ODWC’s accounts.

Amory: So here is one. It says, “If this will get 1 million likes, our boss will allow us to title her child Armadillo. Twitter, do your factor,” with just a little prayer arms emoji.

Sarah: (laughs) I like that one.

Ben: You understand who DIDN’T love that one? Her boss’ HUSBAND, who did not get that this was a JOKE.

Sarah: So her husband begins replying within the tweets, however his settings have been like, the place nobody can see them however me.

Amory: Oh no! So he is screaming into the void, like, “No it isn’t! It is not Armadillo!”

Sarah: Yeah.


Amory: That tweet DIDN’T get one million likes. YET. It presently sits at about 150,000. However nonetheless. For a state wildlife account? Tweets like this have put Oklahoma’s wildlife conservation division on the social media map.

Ben: However Sarah says, the rationale she was employed again in 2020 as ODWC’s first full-time social media coordinator… wasn’t to make the division go viral…

Sarah: That occurred manner later. After I got here on right here, they have been in the course of “The outside are all the time open” marketing campaign. Like, that was the massive communication level.

Amory: And with the indoors at this peak-pandemic time being principally not open, the division had its arms full.

Sarah: ‘Trigger we’re an company that focuses on conservation and an entire lot of packages that go into fish and wildlife conservation within the state. like folks nonetheless hit us up on Fb each single day asking questions concerning the regulation, like searching and fishing sources. Like, it is essential to have the ability to get to these, reply them. And like that is what actually cemented issues that, okay, this may be any individual’s job.

B: The first step for Sarah? Wildlife college — AKA, shadowing her new colleagues out within the area to study issues like what the heck a recreation warden is… which, Sarah says is kinda like a regulation enforcement officer for wildlife. Or, studying extra concerning the alligator inhabitants of Purple Slough from a biologist in a cowboy hat. As a result of… (sings) Ooooooooklahoma.

Sarah: He simply pulls up with a ship and he is like, “Okay, we’re getting within the water.” And I used to be like, “WITH the alligators?!”

Amory: Oh yeah… WITH the alligators. Sarah discovered a LOT. And having a few of these extra hands-on, down-to-earth experiences along with her ODWC colleagues formed her method to social media content material for the division.

Sarah: So we’re a scientific company filled with a number of science-y folks. What if we simply stepped again from lingo and stopped speaking instantly like a scientist, um, and began speaking just a little bit extra like a human being and see what occurs.

Ben: Sounding acquainted, anybody? It’s been workin’ for Matt and the Nationwide Park Service…

Amory: Additionally acquainted? The emphasis on we. Sarah does have a staff — albeit, an “casual” one.

Sarah: It is me and principally my coworkers who volunteer out of the goodness of their hearts for no cash, who’ve full-time, different duties, to only goof off with me.

Ben: And Sarah desires folks to get to know the staff by means of social media in hopes that the general public might be extra prone to attain out with their questions in the event that they know that they could get answered by, say, Matt the biologist.

[From THIS TikTok video] Okay so it is a new addition to our japanese Oklahoma bear inhabitants… 

Amory: Or Smokey, a bear-sized man who actually is known as Smokey and who is aware of the way to prepare dinner a deer coronary heart.

[From THIS TikTok video (content warning: shows an actual deer heart)] And reduce the fats, trim it up, inside it truly appears to be like like this…

Ben: Or the incredibly-named Inform Judkins, a recreation biologist who occurs to know a LOT about vegetation.

[From THIS TikTok video] All elements of this plant in the event that they’re eaten can truly trigger cardiac arrest. DON’T EAT IT. 

Ben: One of many high feedback on this explicit TikTok video, by the way in which? “I’m studying stuff. Noooo!”

Amory: ODWC’s response? “Muahahahahahaha”


Amory: Sarah’s casual social media staff began its overhaul in late 2020 with Fb and Instagram, the place the division already had fairly vital followings. However Twitter, she says… that was a MUCH extra intimidating hill to climb.

Sarah: Twitter for anyone is difficult, particularly for presidency companies. It is actually large and scary. It is sort of a marble and a slingshot the place it’s simply issues transfer quick and onerous and if it hits one thing, it is gonna trigger some injury. Additionally, to be truthful that everybody who’s skeptical about it, this was publish 2020, issues have been tense and Twitter was a spot the place a number of that rigidity went. And to step in of being like, here is what’s occurring with the quail inhabitants. I imply, it is the, there isn’t any win. Like how do you try this? You understand?

Ben: However Sarah and her staff caught with this extra affable method. And with that got here humor and memes…

Sarah: It was instantly met with backlash as a result of folks hate change, however we identical to stored constant and little by little, like let ourselves be just a little extra human. Slightly extra weak, just a little extra personable and it, that took us additional and additional, nevertheless it did take time.

Amory: It took… just about ALL of 2021, Sarah says.

Sarah: We had puns in there that we might get like one reply. We did a “Merry Fishmas” marketing campaign that I had a lot enjoyable with. No person else obtained it. We photoshopped hats on all these fish!

Ben: However then, in January of 2022, the ODWC’s Twitter web page had its breakout single…

Sarah: It was a extremely, actually, actually chilly day. Darrin despatched me a textual content—

Amory: Darrin, a comms division colleague…

Sarah: He was out to go movie some wildlife and he despatched me a textual content. Like at six within the morning. it was this previous meme of like a mountain lion behind the door, and it stated if like, in case you’re chilly, they’re chilly. You understand the Sarah McLaughlin like, “Within the arms of the angel”?

Amory: Oh yeah, yeah. The MSPCA advertisements? Yeah.

Sarah: Sure. Yeah. That is what the meme sort of was, nevertheless it was a mountain lion. So we took it and flipped it on its aspect, and I feel we stated like, “You’re chilly. They’ve fur. Don’t allow them to inside.” And it blew up like loopy.

Amory: To cope with the entire “You are not my dad!” and “But when not good friend, why good friend formed?” sorts of replies, Sarah busted out a few of these one-liners and a best hits of Ron Swanson memes.

Ben: Then once more… keep in mind Sarah’s analogy for content material on Twitter? A marble in a slingshot? This mountain lion marble was touring FAST. And within the course of, it hit a selected nerve in the case of wildlife conservation VERY onerous. Sarah obtained a name from her supervisor.

Sarah: She’s like, “It’s a must to delete a response on this tweet.” I used to be like, “Okay, which one?” Did not even have time to argue about it. And she or he was like, “The one that claims, ‘hazard kitty.'”

Amory: Particularly, “Do not pet the hazard kitty,” in response to somebody suggesting that they wished to convey a mountain lion in from the chilly. However making jokes about wildlife is a fragile dance. And calling a mountain lion a “hazard kitty” was, looking back Sarah says, a misstep.

Sarah: As a result of as an company you do not need to, like, villainize animals as a result of that may have like unfavourable impacts on how folks deal with them. And so I used to be like, “Yeah, delete it.” For some purpose, hundreds of individuals acknowledged that we deleted it, despite the fact that it was solely dwell for perhaps, like, two hours. And so now that is a working joke too.

Ben: Sarah and her staff have a system in place now to attempt to forestall future “hazard kitty” debacles.

Sarah: So earlier than we hit tweet, we strive our greatest to foretell probably the most ridiculous, dangerous, horrible factor that may occur with something that we are saying. And if we will discover like a practical avenue, we do not tweet it.

Ben: Hooooo boy, I prefer to name this pre-tweeting the oven, Amory.

Amory: That’s truly fairly good. ‘Trigger it’s like, you’ll be able to skip this step… however your cookies is likely to be a DISASTER, you already know?

Sarah: We strive with our entire coronary heart to guarantee that we’re good to folks and we’re good to wildlife. Like, that’s our mantra time and again.

Ben: Matt Turner with the Nationwide Park Service additionally pre-tweets his oven, so to talk. However what does he do when unhealthy conduct in a nationwide park goes viral?

Amory: Like… when a lady caught her hand right into a burning scorching spring in Yellowstone Nationwide Park earlier this summer time. And video of that ill-advised hand-dipping popped off.

Matt: Yeah, we all the time, I feel, are in search of alternatives to message when these sort of issues occur with out coming off as perhaps scolding or calling out folks instantly. 

Ben: Or on this case, scalding.

Matt: Yeah. After that, we did do a publish about thermal options in Yellowstone with the entire—

Ben: You probably did?

Matt: Yeah, yeah. They’re so scorching proper now… and on a regular basis. And that allowed us, I feel, to the touch on these kind of viral issues with out…

Ben: Contact on. Okay.

Matt: Yeah. See? We’re filled with ’em!

Ben: Sarah from ODWC loves a very good pun herself, however she additionally acknowledges that she most likely has extra flexibility doing social media for a state company than Matt does working for the Nationwide Park Service. She and her staff can get pretttttttty bizarre.

Sarah: We’ve this little whiteboard that’s by my desk, and other people sketch their concepts out on it. Like, “The plural of yeet is yurt,” which is a phrase that’s simply, has been on there for months and I do not know what to do with it.

Amory: That is good! I will not steal it, I promise.

Sarah: I do not assume it means something, so have it!

Amory: Is there an instance of 1 that you simply didn’t have excessive hopes for that took off?

Sarah: Sadly, a number of ’em. Um, so there was one which like Smokey got here up with. Um, the place he is like, donut holes ought to be referred to as donut plugs. Um, as a result of that is what they’re. And we had this entire little mini argument identical to, it isn’t a plug, it is part of the donut. And so we tweeted it and it went off that it is simply, it will get on the board as a result of that is what we’re speaking about. Whether or not or not it’s like this stunning message about conservation or the outside, or if we predict donut holes ought to be named donut plugs.

Ben: Now this is the place a few of you is likely to be pondering… a tweet about donut holes vs. plugs? THAT’s not advancing the mission of wildlife conservation… proper?… RIGHT?! Sarah has an attention-grabbing tackle this.

Sarah: In case you are associates with any individual and they’re keen about one thing, would you be associates with them if all they speak about it was that one factor, in the event that they by no means engaged with you again? If we’re actually gonna speak like actual folks and be actual folks and be real, this is part of it and other people admire that as a result of Twitter will be such an unsightly, scary place. And if we could possibly be like this little spot the place you’ll be able to interact safely with folks from throughout, then nice. We’re gonna maintain that going. I really feel like that is part of our model at this level. The place it is like, yeah, that is sort of a spot for everyone.

Ben: This method appears to be working — each for Sarah, and for Matt from NPS, whose social media followings proceed to develop.

Amory: However does a big social media following translate to an enchancment in wildlife conservation? Sarah with ODWC says, it is onerous to measure… however she attributes extra girls feeling comfy reaching out with searching and fishing inquiries to her division’s TikTok presence. And, she says, simply being on extra folks’s radars now BECAUSE of social media has made them aware about issues they won’t be in any other case.

Sarah: Each time any individual sends me a video on TikTok of like a dangerous conduct in the direction of an animal, like there was a development of selecting up possums we get tagged. On Instagram, we had a video exit of this younger man on a school campus who was picked up a goose harassed it. We have been tagged instantly and recreation wardens have been referred to as instantly. And that was investigated instantly. Like, we’re doing good for wildlife by being good to folks. And if we will get this messaging out that may construct appreciation for just like the pure world round them, then we will take greater steps collectively.

Ben: Matt can also be inspired by the engagement he is seen with the Nationwide Park Service social media accounts — the feedback from folks saying they’re going to go to one of many parks for the primary time due to one thing they noticed on NPS’ social media, and the elevated net visitors — and, perhaps, FOOT visitors?…

Matt: We would prefer to assume that is the reality…

Ben: … to a number of the lesser-known nationwide parks that Matt makes use of social media to spotlight.

Amory: Whether or not you study one thing each time you scroll by means of the Nationwide Park Service and the Oklahoma Division of Wildlife Conservation’s social media pages, otherwise you simply come for the lolz and keep for the publish that makes you FEEL such as you’re going outdoors, touching grass…

Ben: NOT a fluffy cow or a mountain lion…

Amory: RIGHT. Sarah and Matt hope that, simply with the ability to have this extra down-to-earth relationship with, and entry to, the pure world on-line will hopefully encourage you to deepen your relationship with it offline.

Ben: Yeah! To the touch some REAL grass. And to really feel extra empowered once you do.

Sarah: This one girl from the UK responded to one in all our tweets saying that she did not know salamanders have been an actual factor. She simply had seen them on Harry Potter. That was an actual dialog that we obtained to have on Twitter and be like, “Oh my God, no. There’s salamanders outdoors and here is how you discover them. Go!” And like, “We are going to ship you maps!” Like, we truly try this! “Have you ever tried birding? Get on iNaturalist, take an image of a chicken, and a bunch of different folks have taken an image of the identical chicken they usually can inform you precisely what it’s! After which now you’ve got associates! And now you already know what that chicken is!,” you already know?

Amory: (laughs) “And now your life is found out!”

Sarah: Sure, “Welcome to the present, children!”


Amory: With our lives all found out, we stated a hearty see-ya-on-the-Web to Sarah Southerland and Matt Turner. Though Matt had a couple of parting clever phrases for us… This time, about composing social media posts.

Matt: Not more than three puns. 

Amory: Famous. Famous. Ben, do you’ve got the rest?

Ben: Look, I am nonetheless making an attempt to determine what, like, when you have some type of secret… you know the way like motorbike riders will move one another on the freeway they usually’ll give one another that, like, low wave? Like, is there a park division model of that?

Matt: I do not know. I feel perhaps only a social media supervisor one the place it is only a nod and possibly a sigh or like, “One other day.”


Ben: By the way in which, we requested Matt and Sarah after the actual fact what they make of all of the modifications occurring within the social media area proper now.

Amory: Like Twitter’s on-again-off-again impending doom since Elon Musk purchased the platform, and NEW social media areas like Threads and Blue Sky…

Ben: Their solutions have been fairly related, so we’ll depart you with Sarah’s. She says, “The panorama is altering, however change is the one certainty. We’re simply going to strive our greatest to be current the place we’re wanted and construct neighborhood on the way in which.”


B: Countless Thread is a manufacturing of WBUR, Boston’s NPR Station.

A: This episode was written and produced by me, Amory Sivertson. And co-hosted by me and…

B: Ben Brock Johnson! Combine and sound design by Paul Vaitkus. The remainder of our staff is Dean Russell, Quincy Walters, Grace Tatter, Samata Joshi, Emily Jankowski and Matt Reed.

A: Countless Thread is a present concerning the blurred strains between touching grass and studying social media posts about touching grass. Or no less than, it’s for the following month.

B: Subsequent week, partially two of our PARKS sequence, we get slimy. Actually.

Amory: To me, this simply appears to be like like one thing took a poop, after which one thing took a smaller poop subsequent to it. 

A: See you then!

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